Coconut Coir Cubes

High Quality Coconut Coir Propagation Cubes For Greenhouses And Traditional Growers

Good Agri propagation cubes are an excellent base for seedling root development. It is 100% organic product and best use for plant nurseries and greenhouses. Propagation cubes are available in multiple sizes and easily customizable according to your requirements. Our experts gives a higher consideration in minimizing the variances in size in order to meet the needs of advance greenhouses and traditional growers. The coco propagation cubes are nontoxic and highly resistant to fungus, bacteria and mold. This is an advantage for grower as it’s providing an oxygen and moisture rich environment for the seedlings and makes it a perfect medium for the plant growth
  • Material

    Coco Peat , Coconut Coir or crushed coconut husk

  • Sizes

    07 x 07 x 07 cm
    10 x 10 x 10 cm
    15 x 10 x 07 cm
    20 x 10 x 07 cm
    20 x 10 x 09 cm

  • Packing

    Plastic bag with plant holes , Plank holes and drain holes

  • Application

    propagate seeds in plant nurseries ( greenhouse / traditional plantation)

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